Membership Process


Message from the Chairman of the Board and President

February 2017

It has been said that no other branch of military service embraces and honors its veterans, as does the United States Marine Corps. Conversely, it can be said that no other veterans respect and support their branch of service, as do those who have served honorably in the Marine Corps. Could it be because we never leave the Corps, even though we are no longer on active duty?  To many of us, the Corps is so much more than a branch of military service. It is more than a highly trained and motivated team. It is a family. What we have learned through our Marine Corps experience, we use daily and it has had a great impact on who we are today.  As a member of the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky (MCCCK), you are part of a family of Marines and friends of the Corps, dedicated to helping others, whether they be part of an active duty or reserve unit, or individual Marines in need of our support.

During 2016, together we have answered the call through the compassionate support of Marines and their families experiencing financial problems due to unexpected serious illnesses and deaths; funding of college scholarships through the Montford Point Marine Association, Seneca High School MCJROTC, and the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation; recognition of veterans for their combat service, as well as their humanitarian contributions; and philanthropic support of Marine Corps participation in patriotic events.

In our continuing efforts to heal those who have been broken in combat, your MCCCK, an IRS 501 (c)(3) approved tax exempt, non-profit public charity, again accepted the challenge of one of our members and provided significant support of the nationally respected Semper Fi Fund, for which we have now generated over $918,000 in donations since 2008.

As we strive to minimize expenses, so that we can enhance our impact on the Marine Corps community, we effectively reached out to our membership on multiple occasions by email, to include the annual Sustaining Membership appeal, which in 2016 resulted in record breaking contributions totaling $14,450 from 66 individual commitments. Included within this appeal, is a succinct summary of MCCCK financial activity for 2016 for your review. Should you desire to examine a complete detailed account of same, please advise accordingly by return email and it will be provided to you.

In order to continue serving our fellow Marines by strengthening our impact on our statewide Marine Corps community, we ask you to again consider either establishing or sustaining your commitment, with a tax deductible annual contribution of $100, or any other amount you may be comfortable with, by February 28, 2017, if possible. As important as funding is to our multi-faceted mission, your personal commitment to our mission of serving other marines remains paramount, and we sincerely thank you.

Semper Fidelis,   

James E. "Ted" Bassett III
General Chairman

Houston Mills, Jr.


Invitation to Join

                      "Applications not  accepted...only commitments"

Acknowledgement of Commitment

Membership in the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky, Inc. (MCCCK) is comprised of individual Marines, former Marines, and friends of the Marine Corps, who have voiced and/or demonstrated a desire to support its stated mission.

Periodically the Executive Committee of the MCCCK will consider all those who have been nominated for membership in the MCCCK (either by personal request or through nomination by current member).  Following a review by the Executive Committee, a nominee may be extended a membership invitation.

Prior to accepting an offer of membership, each prospective member should read the stated purpose and mission of the MCCCK and be willing to accept personal responsibility to support those activities, as permitted by his or her personal schedule, finances, and health. Any offer of membership must be affirmatively accepted by the nominee.

While no dues or fees are required to become a member of the MCCCK, each prospective member should understand that our stated objectives are funded only through the annual donations of our membership.  A suggested minimum annual donation of $100.00 will allow us to pursue our goals and establish a viable statewide presence so vital to our overall success.  

Once offered and accepted, membership is to be held until resignation, disqualification, death, or removal by the Board of Directors.  Anyone may resign at any time by giving written notice to any member of the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors, to be effective on the date of receipt of such, or at any later time therein specified.  Members can be removed with or without cause by an affirmative majority vote of the duly elected Board of Directors. It is contemplated that all members will be reviewed by the Executive Committee prior to the renewal of annual financial commitments.

Related Documents
MCCCK Commitment Form
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Charter Members

Marines and friends of the Corps, who have made a commitment to support the restructured Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky during 2007, its initial year of operation.

Sustaining Members

Marines and friends of the Corps, who have made an annual commitment to support the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky subsequent to 2007, the year of its restructuring.

Ex Officio Members

Duly appointed and/or elected leaders of all Marine Corps active duty and reserve units, as well as recognized veterans' organizations on the highest level within Kentucky, by virtue of their leadership positions.  Ex Officio members are ineligible to hold office or sit on the Board of Directors and enjoy no voting privileges; however, they are included in all Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky events and are consulted whenever appropriate.

Membership Process
In Memoriam

Let us remember those members of the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky, who labored for the general welfare of our Marine Corps community within Kentucky and have now gone to their eternal rest.

Directors/Officers Emeriti

Directors and/or Officers who have served their fellow Marines through leadership roles within the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky (MCCCK), with exemplary dedication, professionalism and patriotism, and who have been afforded Emeriti status by the MCCCK Board of Directors.